Peekaboo preschool is fantastic. My daughter always really enjoyed being there. It's great preparation for primary school. The staffs are excellent and consistent; they really care about, not just their educational progression but all round well-being. I couldn't recommend a better preschool.

- Shemin, Ziva’s Mum

We live in Besant Nagar, Chennai and have a varied choice of preschools around us but I couldn't find one that I felt was right for my little boy, Arya. When we found Peekaboo preschool, we knew immediately that it was the best environment for him. Peekaboo has such a friendly, warm and comfortable atmosphere. The staff are wonderful and I always leave him, feeling relaxed and confident, knowing he's going to have a lovely day.

- Kanika, Aryah’s Mum

My child has loved her time at Peekaboo Playschool. She is always excited to come and talks enthusiastically about what she has done. During her time here, she has developed a real love for exploring, investigating and learning, this has been nurtured wonderfully by the caring and supportive staff who we can't thank enough.  My child is excited to be going to school and we are thrilled with the progress that she has made and the positive start Peek-a-boo has given her.

-Heetal, Prekshaa’s Mum

We are very pleased and proud of our child's development. She had a very positive and enriching experience since starting at Peek-a-boo Playschool when she was 2. We cannot praise the staff enough for their care and they have given our child a solid foundation and we feel that this will make the transition to primary school a positive experience for her.

-Bhargavi, Malavika’s Mum

My child has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Pre-school.  He has gained in confidence since he started, learnt many new skills and made new friends.  I would like to thank you for your continued hard work and commitment; with your support you have given my child a good grounding for starting school.  We will miss you all.

-Bae Gennsook, Beomsoo’s Mum

Peek-a-boo Playschool has given my child a good foundation to build on when he enters reception.  After a rocky start my child speaks positively about his experiences there.  Thank you for the good start and care you have given him during his time at Pre-school.

-Jennifer, Maximus’s Mum


Our child enjoys her time at Pre-school a great deal, telling us what she has been doing when she gets home.  She is looking forward to moving to big school.  She has enjoyed learning so many new things here and building relationships with both adults and children.

-Geetha, Anwitha’s Mum

I could not have chosen a better pre-school for my child. I am so happy with his progression throughout his time at Peekaboo. He has learnt so much and his confidence is outstanding which will help him when he starts his journey at primary school. I think Mahesh and his team are amazing and are always there if any extra support is needed.

-Shamina, Momo’s Mum